Data Platform Modernization

Harness innovative capabilities of modern platforms to make critical wins with Big Data

Implement modern data frameworks to maximize your insights and drive innovation

Today’s winners are the ones who can deliver the personalized services and experiences customers want, when they want it. As more and more businesses recognize the expansive possibilities of the cloud, competitive advantage depends more and more on how you leverage the cloud to store, analyze and manage data to drive growth. For that reason, top insurance, banking and healthcare companies alike are trusting ValueMomentum’s team of data experts to help develop and steer their data transformation efforts.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Cloud Native Data Architecture Implementation

Say goodbye to the days of tightly coupled, hard-to-maintain data monoliths, and say hello to the endless potential of cloud native data. By implementing a cloud native data architecture, you can radically accelerate the development-to-deployment cycle, all while saving hugely in time, error, and operational overhead through automation. ValueMomentum’s team of experts can help you design a system that is agile, scalable, and resilient enough to meet the demands of a rapidly-expanding technological world.

Enterprise Data Lake Design and Implementation

Data Lakes offer you an expansive and flexible system for driving analytics, but the process of building a data lake requires time and care that many companies don’t yet have the expertise or resources for. ValueMomemtum’s innovative accelerators, tools for data ingestion, along with insurance domain experts and highly skilled data lake architects helps to construct a Data Lake efficiently and effectively so that organizations can quickly provide the insights and reporting their business needs.

Snowflake Modern Data Platform

Speed to market, high concurrency, parallel workload execution and availability of data in real time are a few characteristics of a Modern Data Platform. Snowflake, with its groundbreaking hybrid architecture and features, provides the organization, the with data at lighting speed. Valuemomentum’s Snowflake Centre of Excellence is designed to provide Snowflake competency from consulting to the implementation of both Data Lake and Data Warehouse quickly and efficiently. ValueMomentum’s Snowflake CoE has Implemented Accelerators, Automate Data Lake Raw Layer ingestion tool, Dbt Data movement/Transformation and Security Framework along with ready- to- use Cost Monitoring Dashboard which enables customers to onboard Snowflake faster and more effectively.

Data Operations Management On-Prem/Cloud

With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which IT architecture is the right fit for your firm. That’s why so many companies are turning to ValueMomentum to help assess their individual situation, and find a solution that optimizes results, placing workloads either on-prem data centers or in the cloud, as appropriate.

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