A Day in the Life of a
Delivery Manager
at ValueMomentum :
Ruchi Kamaldeep Gurhani

Ruchi Kamaldeep Gurhani, Senior Manager - Delivery

I was born in Mumbai, but since my father had a transferable job, we mostly juggled between Mumbai and Delhi. I earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Mumbai in 2007. In my free time, I enjoy painting, cooking, and traveling. One day, I hope to travel the world and capture it through my paintings. I have always dreamed of becoming a Software Engineer and I am passionate about technology and management. I joined ValueMomentum as a Delivery Manager for Duck Creek client implementations. Although I have only been with this organization for 90 days, these 90 days have been challenging, fun, and terrific.
Describe a typical day in the life of a Delivery Manager at ValueMomentum.
I normally start my morning by skimming through my emails as soon as I get up. Then, after logging in, I look at my calendar and plan my day before checking my emails and responding to those that need my immediate attention. This is followed by a series of morning stand-up calls on all the projects under my portfolio where the work division is discussed and any item that needs immediate attention is addressed. Any impediments/roadblocks and outstanding issues are discussed, and solutions are brainstormed.

Following lunch, I again work on existing project/sprint plans, business cases, resourcing, new anticipated projects, COP weekly contribution plans/ideas, etc. This is followed by a series of scrum calls in the evening across all the projects internally and with customers, plus ad-hoc LOB/CSD calls. The day ends with me updating my calendar and my to-do list for the next day.

What are the types of projects that you are most excited about? (Include what are you doing to help our customers succeed in their business?
I love the idea of working across the entire project lifecycle. Every project is like my baby. Engaging with the business during the requirements gathering phase and providing the UAT to the business is an amazing experience, not to mention the in-between stages of customer interactions!

Every time that I start a new project, I try to understand the pain points and how we can ease them. Currently, we have developed a tool to assist in the requirement gathering phase, which reduces almost 80% of the work effort

In your current role, how do you contribute to ValueMomentum's CoreLeverage team? (include your contribution to the LOB)
As part of my current role, I am also responsible for leading the Duck Creek Community of Practice. I have been organizing monthly CoP meetups with the entire Duck Creek community at ValueMomentum along with organizing knowledge-sharing events and daily

quizzes. We have added new value additions like automated requirement gathering utilities, methodologies, and solutioning ideas that can be used for other Duck Creek projects..

What is the most challenging part of your job?
My job entails managing the entire delivery, overlooking Duck Creek Community of Practice, and people management across all the projects under my portfolio. Though managing all three areas may seem challenging, it is also the most rewarding. Estimating and creating timelines that meet the needs of both the client and my team can be challenging when we need to deliver on a specific date and do not want to overload my team. Nonetheless, it works out, and the client compliments after delivery are well worth the entire team's efforts.

What's something you've worked on at ValueMomentum that you're proud of?
There are two things that I’m proud of:
1. Before the start of the project, I was able to describe the value adds and utility ideas to the client, which will reduce the effort and time on the project along with solutioning ideas. The client was very impressed, and this helped us earn their trust.
2. I represented my account at an executive leadership review meeting, where we were evaluated on our presentation and work. Being able to showcase my work to the CEO just three months after joining ValueMomentum was a dream come true.

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